"The Center of Old Fongshan City History" is the only center in Taiwan that applies the technique of projection mapping as a media to display the model of the city with its history. Through the new technology of augmented reality(AR) and virtual reality(VR), we hope people can journey around the history of the city, travel to the past and enjoy the experience with 3D interactions.

First exhibition center in Taiwan with technological interaction, displaying the old city with acousto-optic effects
First visual dynamic effect of projection mapping in Taiwan, allowing visitors to witness the old city's history through an 8-minute journey.
First exhibition center in Taiwan loaded with 50 vertical lifts, displaying the old city's history for more than thousand years with acousto-optic effects.
First in Taiwan that combines history timeline with 19 animations, showing the development of Fongshan in the past 300 years.

On the first floor, the exhibition hall is divided to different section of "Old Town in Taiwan", "Treasure Hunting in the Old Town", "Development of Fongshan City" and "Journey to the Ancient Town". On the second floor, visitors will find section of "Fongshan City Between Eras", "History Timeline", "The Old Town's Literature", "The Old Town's Images" and "Our Old Town" to discover the stories of the town. Besides the dynamic images and videos, we construct the AR & VR experience area that allow visitors to put themselves in the historic site as if they have traveled and traced back to the ancient time to witness the transformation of the city.